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Silver Creek, Manitowoc WI #treemallah #treemallahjawshua

The Discs


Discraft Buzzz
Either throwing your best round or worst, it is hard not to stay euphoric with Ambrosia.


Innova Mako3
A combination of old school class and modern sass, remember to show respect or Petunia will make you her huckleberry.

Razor Leaf

MVP Reactor
Whether bending like the willow or cleaving as an axe, ride the razors edge with Razor Leaf.


MVP Reactor
Inspired by the crystal clear blue lagoons off the Italian coast, take a serene vacation with Sardinia.


Discraft Buzzz
More stoic than his Siblings, Septarian will stay cool and not crumble under high-pressure situations.


Innova Mako3
“JAWSHUA!” He…..tries really hard.

The Scripture

Treemallah’s roots venture all the way back to 4th century India. This was a time where the militaristic Gupta dynasty was in power and Hinduism was in full swing. Many soldiers worshipped Vishnu; whose main weapon was the Sudarshana Chakra, a spinning, disk-like weapon with serrated edges. In order to honor Visnu the destroyer of worlds, an elite group of spiritual warriors began training with the Sudarshana Chakra to employ in battle.

Around the same time Mohini; the female avatar of Vishnu known for being a trickster femme fatale, bore a daughter named Eris. Having a personality influenced by the destructive forces of Vishnu and the mischievous nature of her mother, Eris became fascinated with the Sudarshana Chakra. Whenever the edged discs were thrown in combat Eris would use her divine powers to make sure they flew true and deadly.

The problem however, was having no guarantee the deaths would come from the enemy forces. Oftentime volleys of the Sudarshana Chakra would take down entire enemy companies while at other times they would go wild turning back on their own forces. In a few rare instances it was recorded that Guptan Generals were decapitated. The unpredictability of these weapons led to them being known to have ‘Eris’ Touch’ which became a general insult at the time for not being trustworthy.

Once the last Sudarshana Chakra warrior was killed, by his own disc blade no less, no more forces were trained as the Gupta dynasty focused more on the practicality of the bow and arrow. The decline in the Sudarshana Chakra resulted in the decline of Eris’ divine powers, and then she herself began to fade from memory.

Eris would remain dormant until the mid 20th century when a seemingly simple invention would change the course of history. In 1955 Fred Morrison developed a plastic flying disc named the Pluto Platter that two years later would be sold to Wham-O and become the standard frisbee we know today.

It did not take long for the Frisbee to gain popularity and sports sprouted up as people found new ways to enjoy throwing discs. The budding sport of disc golf in particular drew the attention of the force once known as Eris. In 1976 disc golf baskets became standardized as the PDGA(Professional Disc Golf Association) was founded legitimizing the sport.”Steady” Ed Headrick(The Father of Disc Golf) further cemented the sport by establishing the first official course named Oak Grove Park in Pasadena, California.

Since then, the discs have evolved to look more akin to the Sudarshana Chakra with a more honed edge for optimal distance. Courses have spread all over the world, usually in the areas where nature has the most to offer. Drawn by discs reminiscent of old weapons and new beautiful landscapes to discover, what was left of Eris took on the more tranquil mantle of Treemallah.

Treemallah shares nature’s sense of neutrality as well as the forces at her disposal. By leaf, branch, wind, or breeze Treemallah’s touch can be found wherever discs are thrown. May you ever be in her favor.

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